Our Packaging


The entire Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare range is certified by the Soil Association and has therefore met a stringent set of criteria, including the use of safe ingredients and strict ethics, both from a human and environmental perspective. This includes the use of only environmentally friendly packaging.

Here is Botanicals Plastics Promise:

  • Botanicals Skincare: all products are 100% natural and fully biodegradable, so you won’t find any chemical nasties nor any plastic particles, microbeads or derivatives in Botanicals products. Only the pure power of plants to care for your beauty, health and wellbeing – as nature intended.
  • Botanicals Packaging: glass jars and bottles are used wherever possible. The only exception is when glass is not suitable for use and safety comes first. This includes the danger of using glass products in the bath or shower. In these instances, Botanicals only uses PET, polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic resin and a form of polyester that’s highly recyclable.
  • Botanicals Postal Packaging: with thousands of products posted each year, Botanicals is also committed to using eco-fill compostable loose fill packaging, paper tape and bubble wrap that’s made from recycled polythene and is fully recyclable after use.

Wendy Stirling, Founder of Botanicals says, “I am passionate about the benefits of using natural, organic skincare - for our health and beauty but also for our planet. Botanicals uses strict performance and ethical standards, which I’m extremely proud of. It’s what we have built the Botanicals reputation on and what we have become known for. At Botanicals we are not prepared to compromise, either the integrity of our brand or the ingredients or packaging we use.”