Foot Rescue Balm Wellness Trial

Foot Rescue Balm Wellness Trial

11th Apr 2019

Four weeks ago, we sent out our Foot Rescue Balm to 25 customers who all had concerns about the condition of their feet. 78% had never used the balm before, and a further 17% had only used it occasionally.

At the end of the trial we asked them if they'd seen any improvement. Overall, 92% of our participants said the condition of their feet had improved - 36% by a little, and 56% by a lot. 

As well as this, a huge 95% of customers said the smell was excellent or very good, and 90% agreed about the ease of application.

Here's some of the comments;

  • “The foot balm smells and feels amazing. Every evening after a bath or shower I use the foot balm on my feet as an extra treat. The fragrance is really fresh and relaxing. I have a physical job that involves a lot of walking. I really feel pampered after using the foot balm. It absorbs easily into the skin, moisturising and conditions problem areas around my heels.” She also added, “I love the product. I don't think there's anything I don't like.” - Caireen
  • Lorna reported “a lot of improvement” in her dry skin and cracked heels. When asked what she liked about the product she said “The texture, the smell and because I only need to use a small amount it lasts for ages.”
  • Carol noticed “a miraculous improvement” saying “It smells amazing, a little goes a long way and it lasts ages on your feet. It's really made my dry hard feet so soft.”
  • “It smells and feels great and it has improved the appearance of my Athlete's foot.” - Clare
  • Patricia noticed “a lot of improvement’ in her dry, hard, eczema-prone skin, saying “it’s easy to apply and smells great”.
  • Rachel also saw “a lot of improvement” in the state of her dry, hard skin and cracked feet”. She added “Easy to apply, smells amazing, great results”.
  • Louise noticed “a miraculous improvement” in her dry, hard, cracked skin. She added “The first thing I love is the scent. As soon as the lid comes off you are treated to a familiar nostalgic fresh aroma. I love how the balm melts into an aromatherapy oil as you rub it into your skin.” She concluded, “What is there to dislike? My entire family love the scent. I’ve had to hide it from them as they all love how soft their skin feels after use.”

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